Little Ms. Frightmare

I present to you, dear readers, my most horrible creation yet (and my proudest achievement) – I’ve made a Halloween decoration that I’m actually afraid of.  Behold, Little Ms. Frightmare:

I found an old Barbie styling head toy at Goodwill, something I’d been hoping to find since LAST YEAR, because the opportunity to take pretty, blonde little Barbie and turn her into the stuff of nightmares was too fantastic to pass up.  For those unfamiliar with what this toy looked like before I got to her:


All it took to turn princess into possessed was paint, patience, some spray adhesive, and AGES of back-combing.  The night I made this was a long one, it was well past midnight when I deemed her done.  I set her on the bookcase in my living room to dry, then went to the kitchen to refresh my drink, then settle into some 30 Rock on Netflix to wind down for the night.  When I turned the corner back into the living room, my eyes were drawn instantly to her empty, soulless gaze, and immediately my heart plummeted into my shoes.  It was LOOKING at me.  My knees went weak as I realized (too late!) that all my worst nightmares had come true, and my awful creation had come alive to eat my family.  Of course, I then realized that it was just the angle, and I’m a moron.  However, I am taking no chances, so until the day of our annual Halloween bash (nay, the very HOUR the guests will arrive), she is stored in the hall closet, facing the back wall.  I’m still a little afraid to open that closet now though, which is terrible, because that’s where the extra towels and toilet paper are stored.  I’m mostly afraid that Husband will have snuck into said closet at some point, and turned her facing out, so that the next time I go in there, I will promptly shit myself from fear.  I’ve warned him not to do this under penalty of death, which was probably the best thing I could’ve done to encourage him.

Just a few more shots to give you the full effect:


She wants you to come and play… forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.



I think I just heard giggling coming from the closet.  <shudder>


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31 thoughts on “Little Ms. Frightmare

  1. Totally creepy but awesome!

  2. thisisthecraftyone

    Wow… Just wow

  3. Great idea, she’d have to stay in the garage, haha.

  4. I find original a lot more spooky:D love your modifications though

  5. So completely fantastic.

  6. That’s amaaaaziing! Can she come babysit Kitty DrunkDrunk some time?

  7. Reblogged this on The Year of Halloween and commented:
    Just look at this lovely little project fartsandcraftsroom just turned out. It goes to show, darlings, that effective props don’t require a ton of money, simply a bit of time and (misbegotten) love.

    Also, and a bit of an aside, isn’t “fartsandcraftsroom” just the best name ever?

  8. Love it!

  9. hds1980

    ok dolls and anything of the like just plain creep me out..

  10. bostonbeaut


  11. halloweenezine

    Awesome – how did you perfect the hollow gaze of her eyes? Fantastic job!

    • Thank you so much! I don’t have a specific technique for the way her eyes seem to follow you, I just lucked out/she became sentient and mind-controlled me into it

  12. April

    Awesome! So funny!!

  13. Peggy Parks

    Alright! I just found one of these at a resale shop. Thanks for posting your’s…she looks…CREEPY…and that’s a good thing

  14. samantha

    holy cow I think I would have to get rid of her as soon as I was done or else she would come to life and kill me.

  15. Jen

    Love love love it!!!!
    You did an awesome job & I too would hide that thing until absolutely necessary!! She IS creepy!! (Wooo Hooo!!)

  16. Dee

    That is one of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen. Completely and awesomely creepy and wonderful.

  17. Mia

    JEEZ…..freaky cool, I love it!

  18. she looks sooo much better now..:D

  19. Deloris hickman

    Just kind of did the same thing to one I found at goodwill also! Didn’t bomblet ell paint her face tho. What kind of paint do u use! Love her!

    • Thank you so much! I love Goodwill! And I used acrylic craft paint on her. In future projects I also used a spray-on sealer, to protect from nicks and scratches.

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