The Farts and Crafts Room is much more about the ‘craft’ part than flatulence.  In fact, references to butt whispers will be few and far between (no promises).  Primarily, this blog is a place for me to go on ceaselessly, all year round, about Halloween party planning.  My friends and family have reached their limit.  And they tend to give me the raised eyebrow look when I bring up Halloween in summer.  But, if you’re going to do a Halloween party in handmade high style (like me!), you can’t start this stuff in October.  So that… is… About Me.  OK.  I always like to end my About Me spiels with a kind of “Eh” feeling, and I feel I’ve accomplished that, so… you can go back to the pages with pictures now.  I’m funnier and more attractive there.  Everyone is.  Seriously, the light’s just better.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Karen

    What type of paint did you use for your gorgeous Little Miss Frightmare?

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