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Photos and Feathers

My goal today was to finish a project I’d started weeks ago.  Granted, the paint did need at least two days to fully dry, but somehow I just never got back to it.  This started out as a plain wood photo frame that I found in Goodwill.  I love thrift stores, there is so much great junk on those shelves, just waiting to be re-purposed!  And nothing says possibilities like something blank.  It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but after about an hour of perusing Martha’s Halloween archives, inspiration struck. This is the picture that got me started:


And here’s what I came up with:


I assure you, it is merely a wild coincidence that my wall is also orange.

The trick was, what to do with the inside?  Should I still use it as a photo frame, or should I make something more permanent like Martha’s?  So this is where I halted for a good week or two.  This morning, I figured out what to do with it.


What better use of a Halloweeny photo frame than to display photos from Halloweens past?  That’s me as Morticia Addams on the left, my sister may or may not be throwing up a gang sign in her Catwoman costume, and …I have difficulty explaining what my dad’s costume is all about, because I’m not honestly sure myself.  Some kind of relaxed and groovy gorilla man with a pink hat and a beer?  Whatever it is, it worked for him, as I remember many, many years going Trick-or-Treating back in Chicago, my sister and I sprinting around our small cul-de-sac from house to house, my dad following behind in that crazy gorilla outfit.

What I found impossible to capture with my camera is the texture of the black matte surrounding the photo.  It’s actually several layers of black fuzzy craft feathers, which really compliments the gorilla costume in a way I hadn’t anticipated.  I didn’t have any black construction paper, but I did have feathers, so voila.  Image

Aaaaaaaaaannnnddddd…. dingdingding!! It glooooowwwwwsss!


I swear I’m almost out of glow in the dark paint.  I won’t end every post this way.

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